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  • Bicycle racing is a sport encompassing many forms in which bicycles are used for competition. This racing includes road bicycle racing, cyclo-cross, mountain bike racing, track cycling, BMX, bike trials, and cycle speedway.

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amsterdam1 - bikes at shoarma

amsterdam1 - bikes at shoarma

Kevin led the way as we head west towards the Jordaan neighborhood and the Anne Frank house, but, a better triathelete than a navigator, he had soon led us OUT of Amsterdam and we arrived in a suburban immigrant neighborhood with a park where people played soccer and frisbee. Looking to meet some cool Hollanders by kicking their asses at ultimate frisbee, we ask a guy setting up a frisbee merchandise tent next to the field if we can join the pickup game. He explains they are actually about to start the world freestyle frisbee championship, not a pickup game. We are heartened to see that even halfway across the world, frisbee players show up late to their events.

We secured the bikes in front of a local shawarma shop and went in for some authentic cuisine. After eating our full plates of sliced lamb and mystery sauces along with a children's Tylenol-flavored beverage, we resumed the bike ride, soon reaching a street under construction requiring maneuvering along plywood, sand, narrow planks and gravel before reaching the paved road again where Kevin ran an old lady out of the lane into a mailbox as she attempted to pass us. Not actually into the mailbox part where the letters go, I just mean she almost hit it.

Jake's navigation skills proved worthless as Kevin got us to the Anne Frank house to see the 100 people lined up outside to get in, so we promptly left to find Vondelpark. This took an hour of serious riding, mapping and people asking, despite the park being enormous and right in the middle of the city. We pedaled around the full loop, seeing countless informal soccer games, before Jake takes over navigation for a while and promptly leads us the wrong way down a busy one-way street to get honked at by a bus.

In search of the rural Dutch experience of seeing windmills, tulips and certain herbal remedies, we took a ferry north across the river and biked out of Amsterdam (intentionally, this time) to North Holland. We followed one girl on a bike who seemed to know where she was going. A minute down the road, we realized we had followed her down her driveway. We soon ended up lost and unwelcomed in her front yard. Trying another more public route, we progressed a mile or so the perpetual North Holland drizzle become really damn cold rain. We persisted onward to finally stop for shelter under an overpass, where the town square was hosting a party with music, dancing, cheerleaders and incomprehensible Dutch probably talking about tonight's big World Cup game against Portugal. With no sign of the rain letting up, we race back to the ferry and then the hostel, hoping to watch the big game pneumonia-free.

"Ha Ha! Bring It!"

"Ha Ha!  Bring It!"

Taken on the starting line of Stage 3 for the Nature Valley Grand Prix, which was supposed to be a road race stage, but was cancelled due to heavy weather.

Here a Tibco rider shares a laugh with Meredith Miller (Women's Road Race Natioal Champion in the stars and stripes kit). Only the young and top of their game can laugh so care free.

Taken by CoryQ.

free bike race game

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